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About Me


Some background info about CASHCulture
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About Me

Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Therefore I will tell you here a little about myself, about my hobbies, interests, etc. 

My Business Philosophy

In general mostly the relative wealthy people use internet, purchase via internet or do other business via internet. In any case they are people who have access to internet at home and have money to spend via e-shopping.
Now I have decided, when my internet business work will be blessed, that I want to fullfill the role of a modern Robin Hood. Because I have decided and promised to God, that I will invest at least 10% of these earnings directly in charity goals. At this moment we adopt a boy in Soedan via Dorkas Aid, and I think about adopting more of these children. For the rest of the earnings I will put most of it in retirement savings to become financially independent as soon and as much as possible. Why??
Well, I am 47 years now and more and more I feel the wish to do work I believe in, also when it doesn't pay enough or even is voluntary work. I like to be able to do more work in church, for Dorkas, Unicef,WWF, etc. in the field of "Creative Communication" which has shown to be my strength during a Network self assessment training.

My short story

Hello, I am Fred, married with Liesbeth and we have two children Elise (17) and Robert (15). Liesbeth works in a hospital and I am physics system engineer at FEI. More information about  my work, hobbies, interests, etc. can be found on my personal site (click on my portrait picture to get there).
Besides at work I also use the PC a lot at home. And also I use Internet more and more. This way I got in touch with my first Internet Business 4 months ago. I joined and while learning and practising what I learned I got in touch with many businesses, all promising something between becoming millionaire within a year, or even faster, and paradise. So in time I became more and more sceptic and critical.
But with my "Vision for Life" motto I kept trying to make a successfull business.

Working for / with CASHCulture

Nevertheless the CASHCulture offer draw my attention. At first I joined as Free member and straight way I started receiving emails that referrals joined via my account. Therefore I upgraded one week later to GOLD member and got my first couple of GOLD members in my downline within one week! So I became enthusiast and like to spread it out.!!!!
Besides the fact that CASHCulture is a healthy and successfull business I am fortunate to have joined the fastest growing team within the business. Every 30 days the team is doubled in size since the startup. But besides this very healthy growth, the quality of the team lies in the field of support. I never experienced such helpfull upline sponsors and other team members before. If you want to hear more, just send me an email.

Contact me

You can email me:
You can send request for chatting by email or using the following data:
Nickname for MSN Messenger: 'vision4life'
Nickname for Yahoo Messenger: 'fmlk4u'
Or if you like, you can call in the evenings (GMT+1):
tel.:  +31 40 2912679

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